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We are your free easy to use Craft Growing community. was created to teach people how to maintain healthy plants. We have a team of top-notch growers ready to answer your questions. Our team will help you to see amazing results in your garden. Whether you’re growing indoors or out we have you covered.


Learn how to grow and maintain successful gardens. You’ll learn everything from how to germinate a seed, how to correct deficiencies, and how to cure your final product.


Make new friends and socialize with other growers. Help others with the knowledge you’ve gained by creating posts and comments. These posts will earn you points towards ranks.


Ryan Smith – CGE-LED – Partner

The Bud Lab has become a valued partner in cannabis growing. They have created a welcoming community for all types of growers to share knowledge and experience in an informative way, allowing new and old growers to come together. They’ve been instrumental in removing the stigma of cannabis growing and making it accessible to everyone. I look forward to seeing their growth into the future. They’ll always have my support.

Jake – Community Member

The guys at The Bud Lab really helped me out of a jam when I needed help the most and their continued support is invaluable, I love you guys!

Jay – Community Member

The Bud Lab has been essential in making sure I didn’t waste any of my time and resources when preparing for my first legal cannabis grow, they take the time to listen and really know their stuff!

Cory – Community Member

The Bud Lab community is a social ,educational and entertaining hangout for like minded growers and smokers. I’ve got great advise and made new friends from people all over the world. From the discord chats to the educational forum or watching doc work in the garden in the stream. (Twitch ) I feel it’s got something to offer everyone. I’m proud to be part of this community and excited to see it grow

Brey & Jones Seed Co.

I like this community because it’s a welcoming place to all growers. It connects me with other like minded people and others I am glad to now call my friends. It has expanded my knowledge of the cannabis plant and I have learned many minute quirks and little tricks associated with growing cannabis. The best part about this community is it’s a great place full of amazing people who love to joke around, have fun, be serious and most importantly support individuals no matter what their goals are. I for one am proud to be a part of it!!

Dean – Community Member

This community definitely knows what their craft is and is constantly trying to perfect it. I am proud to be a part of this community and look forward to my journey as a new grower. I know they will be there to help me every step of the way. If your looking to test the waters and grow to. You’re at the right place!!

Arden Lighting

The Bud Lab has created a place where growers can go to share their passion for cultivation. Derek will not only help you grow better, but will take time out of his day to show you methods to ensure your success. He always stays up on the latest trends and is able to recommend the best solutions to help you grow your plants, only better.