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[Sticky] Arden Lighting Tech - Emerald Hammer

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Hello all!

Many of you have seen the development of our first light and I want to thank every one of you for your feedback/love along the way. We are now ready to launch our toplight that is designed to be used for your entire grow in a 4x4 space - from seed/clone to flower.

We are using the brand new full-spectrum Samsung LM301H (white) and LH351H (red) diodes and have an outstanding efficiency of 2.6 umol/J while pulling ~500 watts from the wall.

I have attached our handout with more information and our PPFD mappings at 18", 24", and 36". Please message me on discord (AJ Arden#7035), twitch (ajarden), or email me ( with any questions.

We are just about to launch our new "Grow site", but for now, you're able to buy our light with a $150 Bud Lab savings by using coupon code: THEBUDLAB at ย 

Thank you all and keep growing!



Posted : 07/08/2019 2:33 pm
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Emerald Hammer 500k (EH500k)

  • 1,180 ยตmol/s PAR output
  • 2.62 ยตmol/J PAR efficacy
  • Energy-efficient at 450W, while providing high-output light
  • Minimum 85 color rendering index lets you see and care for your plants accurately
  • Samsung LM301H full-spectrum white LEDs for easy visual assessment of plants combined with Samsung LHH351H 660 deep-red LEDs for flowering support
  • Long-life LED driver power supply
  • Optional on-fixture dimmable power supply (potentiometer) lets you customize light output from clone through flower
  • Anti-microbial, highly reflective white paint for a clean, efficient grow room
  • Conformal coating over LEDs to mitigate sulfurization and protect against humidity and chemicals
  • Sold as a kit, assembly required
  • Made in America, with after-sale customer service and warranty
  • Available for purchase in the US and Canada

?Cannabis Live Grow :

Posted : 05/07/2020 10:23 am
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Hi, I just saw this thread was bumped and wanted to share my 2 cents too. Congrats on the new toplight launch! Using the latest Samsung diodes is awesome for efficiency. The PPFD mappings will definitely be helpful for growers trying to maximize yields. Thanks for sharing the coupon code too - I'm sure lots of people will appreciate the discount. Have you heard of LED Montreal's RGB controllers? They might be worth checking out if you want more control over your lighting setup. Here's the link:<a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener"> removed link . I'm new to the forum, but I'm stoked to learn more about growing and lighting from everyone here. Thanks for sharing your new product!! How's it going now?

Posted : 23/06/2023 2:19 am