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SolSource Kickoff LED Lighting System

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Sorry if it showed up backwards!

This is the SolSource Kickoff LED Lighting System. The owner Randcorp was kind enough to send me 2 units to test and catalog online.


I've been growing cannabis with a Prop 215 Medicinal Cannabis Co-Op for +6 years. My main focus has been Propagation & Vegetative Cycle. Essentially, I grow cannabis so others can grow it.


In the beginning I was using a 2 tier 2ft CFL T5 VHO propagation station with 8 bulbs on each shelf. This unit was high maintenance compared to the lights I use now. The T5 VHO bulbs would burn out randomly, never in succession nor simultaneously, and the hydroponics store couldn't keep them in stock when we needed extra. Power consumption was major between the CFLs and outdated intake fans cooling the room. Our mother Room was also lit by a 6 bulb 4ft T5 CFL unit with an inline fan. Excessive power consumption and high maintenance influenced us to switch to LED's.

We upgraded the Veg room and propagation station to LED's within my 3rd year of training. Our Mother plants are now under Roleadro LED's and the Clone & Seedling Station was upgraded to Feit LED's we bought from Home Depot.  Our propagation station had x10 19w Feit LED's daisychained to each other on a 2 tier shelf, 5 on each tier with a 2x3 footprint. This unit can host 3 seedling trays on each shelf. Our power consumption dropped significantly. At the time these units were $60 USD each and I would not recommend them for the work I commit to.  


We met Randcorp at the end of 2018, the owner of Solsource Lighting. He offered me 2 of the Kickoff LED Lighting Systems to replace my Feit LED propagation station. Each unit is 85w with a 2x4 footprint. This unit can host 4 seedling trays on each shelf. I have 2 of these units active, a total of 170w power consumption. I increased my footprint while reducing power consumption by 20w. Have had many successful plant starts begin here.

You can find more info on these units at

Posted : 22/05/2019 2:38 pm
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I meet Randcorp on one of the very first days we joined the Twitch Cannabis community, great guy. Watching your stream you can see how well the Sol Source led system works for propagation.

Once our Veg station is finalized, The Kickoff LED system will be on the list of potential purchases! 

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Posted : 25/05/2019 1:43 pm