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[Sticky] Autoflower vs Photoperiod Cannabis Plants

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Autoflower vs Photoperiod Cannabis Plants

When planting your first set of seeds it is extremely important to know what type of plant you will be growing. An Autoflower, Feminized Photo or even a Regular Photo they all have different requirements when growing. First lets start off by explaining what the word "Feminized means". In simplest and most understanding form Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that only produce female cannabis plants... easy to remember!

Autoflower :

  • The Vegetation stage is only for a limited amount of time and will automatically go into flower (All strains are different, most being around 10 weeks)
  • traditional cloning practice doesn't really work.... 1 Seed is 1 plant.
  • Doesn't need a "light cycle" to flower.
  • Doesn't always yield as much as a Photo, but will have a usable yield quicker.  
  • Smaller plants.
  • Cant take much stress because of its limited growing time.


Photoperiod : 

  • You can keep the plants in the vegetation stage indefinitely if you choose to use 18/6, 20/4 or even 24/0 light schedule.
  • You can continue to clone which is essentially "unlimited" plants off a single seed. 
  • When you are ready for flowering, just change light schedule to 12/12.
  • Harvesting times vary but a good average is 4 months. 
  • Larger plants
  • Can take a good amount of stress (Topping, Main lining, Super-cropping, etc)


Autoflowers and Photos are so different but they do have their similarities. They both can hermie (Growing both parts), They both are annual plants meaning one isn't better in a colder climate then the other, and they both will require the same amount of nutrient care. 

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