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How to Make a Feminized Pollen and Feminized seeds using Colloidal Silver - Wedding Cake

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Hi folks

When we talk about making feminized seeds, there are several methods, this method demonstrates the creation and use of Colloidal Silver made from distilled water, a DC power supply and a source of silver.

 I have a few posts all about making a Colloidal Silver generator, please run a search on the forum to access those posts.

I ran my Colloidal Silver generator for 16 hours, mixed every 2 hours using a wooden stick and tested with an LED light.

Day 1

Colloidal Silver spray day 1.

 This is my clone of Wedding Cake I selected to spray Colloidal Silver on, she has been flowering for 10 days, this is day one of spraying.

Day one of a possible 14 days or more of Colloidal Silver spraying.

The following web articles are a great read and have been my guide to learning how to feminize.


Day 5

  Colloidal Silver spray day 5.

The clone is flowering and mostly female flowers right now. This is expected, she is now in day 15 of flower.

Day 10 

Colloidal Silver spray day 10.

The clone is flowering and mostly female flowers still. This is expected, she is now in day 20 of flower.

The first place to look for evidence of pollen sacks is on the new bud growth on the lowest limbs. Its handy to have a digital microscope. I did look at the lower buds, but all I can see is golden hairs and the calyx, the Colloidal Silver does cause the hairs to change colour.

I'll be posting on Day 14 when we get there..


Day 14 of Colloidal Silver spray has come and gone and the Wedding cake clone has not begun growing pollen sacks.

I am at day 21 and my reference material indicates that some strains are "stubborn" and may take 3 weeks or more so I have continued spraying her with Colloidal Silver.


Day 25 of Colloidal Silver spray

I have stopped spraying Colloidal Silver on the plant today and will check daily to look for evidence of pollen sacks on the new bud growth on the lowest limbs.


Day 30

Five days after I stopped spraying Colloidal Silver, pollen sacks have started to grow. I will continue posting updates on the formation of pollen sacks.

Day 35

Pollen sacks continue to grow out of several places, and are beginning to ripen.


Day 40

3 big girls all hugging the small pollen donor 

to be continued...

Posted : 15/02/2021 11:05 pm
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Rachael and Joe will invest a lot more money after I get this first crop off. Wife don’t do really like it so I told her I wouldn’t spend a lot just enough to get first crop then I will reinvest. But so far I am happy with it so far with getting by with what I can I have grown with way worse for sure

Posted : 04/03/2021 11:07 am