CGE Max300 Sp1

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Features :

Specialized LED chips

Tailored Spectral Output

Internal Cooling Fan

Professional Quality Aluminum Design

5 – Year Warranty

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Discover CGE Max300 SP1 LED Grow Light

Infrared Blend (Blue, Red, Far-Red)

  • The CGE Max300 SP1 LED Grow Light spectrum has a high blue output for vegetative growth, and red output for flowering, with a great deal of infrared to be able to penetrate through the canopy and reach root structures and create larger leaves. This creates greater nutrient absorption, and stronger stem structures. This light can be used for taller plants or many plants in a small area.

The Canadian made CGE Max300 Grow Light is the ideal energy-saving growing solution for replacing existing HPS fixtures. Its design is to maximize efficiency of a grow light by utilizing its casing as a working heatsink. The model further saves energy by emitting customizable spectral outputs so that no energy is wasted on un-needed spectrum emissions. Unlike current LED Fixtures, the heatsink allows the design to operate efficiently using one cooling fan for the entire fixture; requiring less power.

Extruded aluminum design that aids in the dissipation of heat. This design allows for minimal secondary cooling features such as excess fans or water cooling systems.

Customizable and easily installed fixture with room for
additional controls such as spectral, dimming, and timing, controls.


  • Dimensions : 737mm x 179mm x 134mm
  • Weight : 8kg (17.64lbs)
  • Max Wattage : 300W
  • HIS Equivalent : 800W HPS
  • Diode Wattage : 3W
  • Beam Angle : 120º
  • Footprint : 6ft x 4ft
  • Input Voltage : 110-240V AC
  • Amperage : 2.3 amp


  • Hanging gear for user preference
  • Tailored spectral output
  • Modular design for easy servicing
  • 5-year warranty

Additional information

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions30 × 9 × 7 in

3 reviews for CGE Max300 Sp1

  1. dR

    HUGE Fan of the Far Red / IR spectrum in the Max300 Sp1, Our first grow with it yielded very frosty dense buds! A+++

  2. Archo

    Amazing light! My grow in yielding nicely. I am already getting ready to purchase another! Great Canadian product!!

  3. Archo

    Loved my SP1 so much I had to buy a CGE Veg light as well! Thx CGE you guys rocked it! Cant wait to start my veg cycle 😉 Thx again Ryan!!

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